Millennia ago, many species of plants and animals began to access the magic that Lit society relies on today. Over thousands of years, these magical species learned how to sense and eventually control the magical energy that surrounds us. For many lesser creatures and plants, the powers of the Heptagen simply gave them advantages over time such as enhanced abilities to hide, hunt, and survive. A number of intelligent races, the forebearers of the Lit, began to study and understand the nature of the Heptagen and the seven branches of magic.

The Rise of the Lit

Nearly two thousand years ago, magical creatures were flourishing, leading to many of the myths and legends that the Unlit still use today. Elves, leprechauns, pixies, unicorns, spirits and ghosts, and even amazing beasts like dragons, among many other creatures, became prevalent and lived among non-magical creatures in balance.

Spiritual side of creation

At the time, however, magical creatures were evolving an important aspect of the Spiritual side of creation - Spiritual energy is a powerful catalyst for hiding from those that do not have magical abilities, and thus, the magical and non-magical worlds began to diverge. Over time, this divergence continued and many of the intelligent magical races became overseers of magical plants and animals.

Flames Alight

Powerful mages, called Flames "Lit" the powers of their apprentices, and the magical societies became known as the Lit. The Lit societies grew further and further away from the non-magical world, known to them as the Unlit. Magical creatures often were feared and hunted, and the intelligent magical races used ever growing knowledge and understanding of the Heptagen and the power it represented to create entire ecosystems where the magical could live in peace.


The Lit constructed entire nations, hidden by magic, which ultimately lived separately from the world of the Unlit. They constructed cities under mountains, within oceans, and ultimately even on the moon and other planets in our solar system. They even live within the center of the Earth itself in the City of Cent.


The Lit have enjoyed a 500 year renaissance of learning, teaching, and understanding. It is generally believed that Millicent Goodwyn's 40 day journey (after the war of the Finder and Controller) within an energy sphere to the center of the Earth, known to the Lit simply as "The Journey", and the subsequent creation of the city of Cent, marks the beginning of this renaissance. The Lit have accomplished amazing feats that have led to a robust magical society built on a foundation of principles called the Mage Code.