Game Economy

LitCraft features a robust economy where you can trade your items in the GlassBlock marketplace, create businesses that have the ability to grow and thrive within a rich ecosystem, and where digital commodities are traded on an exchange. The value you create within LitCraft offers bridges to real world fiat.

Over $7.5 Million

of LitCraft Assets Sold

4 Years

Running on DevvX Blockchain

8 Million

DevvX Transactions Per Second

litcraft cards

Bad for playing poker, great for conquering worlds.

Each card details the special powers of your LitPet. Use strategy, cunning (and a little luck) to select the seven Pets most likely to be victorious in your next Heptone Battle!

Start playing to own with no upfront costs

Anyone can start playing to earn with no upfront costs. Craft increasingly complex items and play games in order to earn.


Heptals, the in-game currency, will be distributed through Play-to-Earn activities (PvP or virtual businesses), or purchased from players, and will not be sold by LitCraft. LitPets, land, and items all have their own unique value.

Game businesses

Some businesses require real-life business mechanics such as business registration, cost of goods sold (COGS), marketing, IP protection, and more.