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LitCraft is a magical world
hidden in plain view

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of LitCraft Assets Sold

4 Years

Running on DevvX Blockchain

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LitCraft Nysperience

Nysperience is an open-ended magical universe where anyone can Play-to-Own by battling competitors, crafting items, crafting LitPets, playing popular game genres, or starting virtual businesses.

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Play against yourself or others in a rich and detailed sci-fi fantasy universe. LitCraft's gameplay is often described as Minecraft, meets Hearthstone, meets Candy Crush. LitCraft also includes dozens of fun games like solitaire and sudoku, just to name a couple, that you can play to earn. You'll quickly be addicted to this easy to learn but difficult to master gaming ecosystem that leverages skill, strategy and valuable collectibles.

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Play to Own

As you explore LitCraft, you will earn blockchain-based items that you can sell in a real world marketplace. You also have the opportunity to start and grow businesses where you can increase your earning potential and ultimately collect real world cash.

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LitCraft features a robust economy where you can trade your items in a marketplace, create businesses that have the ability to grow and thrive within a rich ecosystem, and where digital commodities are traded on an exchange. The value you create within LitCraft offers bridges to real world fiat.

Book 1 of the Grant Beagan Series

Grant Beagan:
The Finder's Code

Grant Beagan isn’t looking for trouble.  He’s just an ordinary teenager who likes astronomy, video games, and keeping his mom happy—or at least, happy enough.  But everything changes for Grant when, by a twist of fate, he stumbles into a magical world very different from his own, a world filled with breathtaking wonders and amazing abilities, known as the World of the Lit.  It is a world hidden in plain view, right in front of the rest of us (aka “the Unlit”), but most of us only catch fleeting glimpses of the magic it contains.

The LitCraft Lore

Nearly two thousand years ago, magical creatures flourished all over the earth. Elves, leprechauns, pixies, unicorns, spirits, ghosts and even amazing beasts like dragons (among many other exotic creatures) were prevalent and lived among non-magical creatures in balance...